Tianjin Monument (2004)


• Location Tianjin, China
• Architect Arata Isozaki & Associates
• Type of structure Computed-formed cast steel sculpture

Tianjin Monument is a 50m high cast steel monument in Tianjin, China. In the design, most of defining work of the monument was done by operation with computer by means of parametric design.

The computer-generated operation may produce unexpected and peculiar shapes. However, they are purely geometrical and it guarantees nothing about structural soundness. So the obtained form is subjected to structural examinations. By giving suitable thickness to every part of the geometrical “skelton”, and incorporating necessary stiffeners into the structure, the final form of the monument is determined. In the process of structural examination, a study on “touch and feel” model was very useful to find out the places and dimensions of the stiffening components.

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